Jay-Z Decoded - Worldwide Book Launch
Every page of Jay-Z’s book, Decoded, was released to the public before the book hit stores. Each page was placed in locations around the world, related to their specific content. The journey took players from the Brooklyn projects where Jay-Z grew up all the way to London where he found inspiration. The immersive online experience utilized multiple facets of Bing to give fans full access to the stories behind Jay-Z’s songs. It was up to fans to find these pages using Bing technologies to walk the streets that Jay-Z walked. Over the course of a month, fans came together as a community to compile Decoded online before it hit bookshelves.

Over 300 pages to decode, located via 600 unique traditional, non-traditional and digital advertising in 15 locations around the world and in Bing Maps, 200 prize winners, one grand prize winner and the unveiling of DECODED – all in 4 weeks.

Full case study: